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Advice tips and ideas for home owners

What to do after you’ve found your dream home

 Monday, March 4, 2019     Laurence Mongeau     House and Home

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Before you make an offer, you should figure out a budget. Don’t just consider your monthly mortgage payment. As a homeowner, you have to think about property taxes, utilities, maintenance, furnishings and unforeseen expenses. Now, it’s time to do some hiring! You’ll want to hire a realtor (ask your friends and family for referrals), and also hire a real estate lawyer to assist with any legal questions that might come up.

After your offer is accepted, hire a home inspector – your realtor will likely be able to recommend one they have experience with. Make sure to complete any conditions included with your offer, like conditional financing or a home inspection. If there are any problems with the conditions (i.e. a roofing issue) you will need to discuss your options with your realtor. If all the conditions are satisfied, you will have to sign documents stating that each of the conditions are either waived or fulfilled. The offer will then become firm.

To start planning your move, there are some things you need to do. Make sure to obtain home insurance, set aside funds for closing costs, and notify your current utility companies and contact new ones if required. Lastly, you’ll want to start packing!

Although this might sound like a lot of information, there’s no need to be stressed! Making a list of things to do can help you organize yourself and make sure you don't miss anything. Your realtor will be there to help you along the way!

Tips and tricks for an easy move

 Thursday, November 22, 2018     Laurence Mongeau     House and Home Real Estate Market

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There is a lot to remember when you’re packing up and moving. Here are some great tips to ensure an easy move for you and your family:

Get organized early
Create a packing schedule well in advance and follow it. Know when you need to starting packing and follow your schedule as closely as possible to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're collecting boxes or renting them, make sure they are organized and ready to go for when you start packing. If renting a truck, be sure to do this in advance to make sure you get the truck and service you need for your move.

Purge and donate
Getting rid of unwanted or unused items as you pack is a great way to go through everything you own and donate what you no longer need. If you don't love it or don't see a need for it, get rid of it. As you’re going through your stuff decide if it's being packed, donated or thrown out. Do this with a partner or a friend a quicker and more efficient process. As you pack your kitchen, donate non-perishables. Older jars of food you aren't eating will only add more weight and clutter as you pack. To make it even easier on yourself, call local non-profits to pick up bags of gently used clothing, house wares and furniture.

Packing the right way
It is easy to feel overwhelmed when packing. We often have a lot more stuff than we thought we did. Make sure to take the time to pack the right way to ensure your items are protected and to allow for an easy unpack as well. Organize your packing by room. Label boxes so you know exactly where they came from and where they need to go in your new place. Protect your memories and valuables. Wrap breakables such as dishware, frames, and cherished trinkets in paper or bubble wrap. The last room you’ll want to pack up is the kitchen as these items are the ones you will likely need the most leading up to the week you move.

Choose a reliable moving company
When hiring a moving company make sure to check their credentials. To protect yourself and your items you’ll want to make sure they are licensed and insured. Book well in advance to make sure you get the truck and service that you need. If asking friends and family for help, give them enough notice and let them know exactly what you need them for. It’s always nice to give thanks by offering cold drinks and snacks.

Moving with kids
If you’re moving with young kids, it’s a great idea to hire a sitter. As much as you love your children, they are likely to only get in the way and create distractions during the move. Pack a bag with all of their essentials so you aren’t looking deep into boxes for things they may need.

Organization tips and tricks

 Thursday, November 22, 2018     Laurence Mongeau     House and Home

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Whether you are in the process of showing your home for sale or just need a little extra inspiration for organizing your life, there are simple ways to ensure your home and mind are organized.

Make your bed every morning! It sounds silly, but something as simple as starting your day by making your bed can put you in the right mindset. Get a few extra throw cushions if you are staging your home to top it all off. It can make the room more sleek and stylish. There is just something about coming home to a made bed. You should also limit what is on your nightstand. Other than a clock and lamp it should be kept fairly empty. Invest in a nightstand with drawers if you have a habit of leaving things out.

Once you are up and at ‘em the organizing continues! Post breakfast, make sure you clean up so you don’t have to come home to a messy home or have to deal with it throughout the day. You can also take this time to straighten up the inside of the fridge and organize any mail. Throw out any junk mail you won't use and put bills and other important letters in a divided folder or mail holder.

Labelling will become your best friend. Label what is in each drawer, closet and storage space. This way once you have folded and put everything in its place you won’t have to destroy it to find what you are looking for. If you know that your hiking shoes are in a specific storage bin you are more likely to calmly look for it rather than rummaging through places it might not even be!

Get the whole family involved. It is much easier to get (and stay) organized when everyone in the house is on board. Make it simple—divide and conquer! Assign rooms to certain family members that use them (and disorganize them) the most. Whether that means putting everything in its place in the washroom, straightening out the shoes and front closet or emptying the dishwasher, simple daily tasks like this can seem overwhelming when you are doing it alone for the whole family.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind you will be well on your way to an organized home.

Easy room makeovers for fall

 Wednesday, September 19, 2018     Laurence Mongeau     House and Home Real Estate Market

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Fall has us with thoughts sitting amongst comfy home décor, sweater weather and all things pumpkin. Changing your décor in the fall is easy with just a few simple touches.

The Family Fold
Swap your pillow covers with fall-themed designs in stripes or plaids. Add thick, plush blankets in wool, cotton, chenille or even luxurious cashmere for those cooler nights. Place one or two on the back of the sofa and arrange the rest in a large metal or wicker basket. Tree branch coasters also add an instant natural touch.

Kitchen & Dining Room
Update your tabletop decor with natural elements that can be displayed in many creative ways. Instead of a runner, put gourds, pinecones, acorns, and mini pumpkins along the middle of the table. Succulents and fresh cut flowers in bell jars are also great decor options.

Go for Fresh Flowers
Add a bouquet of fresh flowers to enjoy, in your favourite room. Farmers’ markets are still in full swing at this time of year so why not stop by and buy some fresh blooms along with your weekly hit of local goodies? Flower care tip: remove all the leaves below the water line and replace with fresh water every few days to get the most out of your bouquet.

Warmer Bedding
Everyone in the house will want to be extra comfy as it gets colder throughout the night. Change the lighter summer sheets and duvets for heavier ones in trendy fall themes and hues. If you have neutral colours, try adding hits of red, burgundy or gold.

Deck the Door & Class up Curb Appeal
A wreath is a “welcome” idea and they’re always available in many styles and colours. Head to your local garden centre to buy some bright mums and place them in your planters at the front entrance. Plant ornamental cabbages in the flowerbeds for hits of white, purple and fuchsia.

After you’ve made a few quick changes throughout the home, you’ll be ready to sip pumpkin spice lattes and admire your work.

Preparing your home’s exterior for fall

 Wednesday, September 19, 2018     Laurence Mongeau     House and Home Real Estate Market

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When autumn officially makes itself known with cooler conditions and rainy days, it’s an important time of year to maintain your home’s exterior. The following tips can serve as your guide to tidy things up, in order to prevent any damage that could occur during the fall and winter months.

Your backyard probably has a lot of twinkly lights and lanterns for the evenings you spent out there throughout the summer, but does your front yard have enough light sources? Daylight hours begin to lessen in the fall so it’s important to make sure walkways, the front entrance and above the garage have enough lighting for safety – and ambience.

It’s time to seed the lawn and take care of the rest of your landscaping. Trim any bushes and cover any tree trunks, shrubs, or flowers that need extra protection from the cold (or critters).

Turn off outdoor taps to prevent them from freezing and potentially bursting. Sprinkler systems should also be drained to prevent similar issues.

Check the seals on doors and windows. If any of the weather seals are broken or damaged, cold air can quickly seep into your home while warm air can escape. To avoid unnecessary high heating costs, fix or replace the weather stripping on drafty doors and windows.

Clean the eavestroughs and gutters to protect your home from serious and expensive water-related damages. Consider hiring a professional since they’ll also check all seams and leaks, flush downspouts to prevent clogging, and make sure everything drains properly.

Get those winter tools ready while the temperatures are still fairly pleasant, rather than scrambling when the first storm hits. Stow your lawnmower away after the grass gets cut for the last time (in the shed or back of the garage) and put the snowblower in a more convenient location as well as shovels, ice scrapers, and salt.

What Clients Say…

Laurence is an absolute joy to work with; she is extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, full of energy, and dedicated to getting the job done. She managed to make everything to do with selling our home seemed almost effortless. I can't imagine selling our home without her! — Shelley M.
Laurence worked diligently at following up with each person who viewed the property... always available to let me know what kind of feedback she was receiving. — Stephanie B.
You always were there, available, and kept in contact with us when needed. You were self-motivated with an unbelievable amount of drive. — John & Rose-Anne P.
You are at the top of your class. I don't know of anyone that works as diligently at selling a property as you do! You have such an admirable work ethic and I have seen first hand how dedicated you are to your clients. — Dianna D.
The process of selling our house and purchasing another was made painless and exciting by you. Your tactful negotiation skills were invaluable in purchasing our dream home. — Maria & Jean-Michel B.
You were prompt, energetic, thorough and always had our best interest in mind. Selling our home for full asking price in just 19 days and finding a new one in less than a week is a true testament to your relentless commitment to excellence. — Angelo M.
I still think about it, it went so fast, I have a challenging work schedule, I needed a place fast and you came through and I trusted you. — Joseph D.
We are still amazed that it all happened so quickly and smoothly. You are an excellent listener, honest, reliable and caring. — Pina F & James A.
Just want to say thank you for your hard work and dedication in getting my home sold. You were very organized, professional and honest. It was a pleasure to work with you. — Gail A.
The best part of working with Laurence, besides her great skill of staging, was the fact that she made us feel like we were her only client even though we knew she was extremely busy. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. — Greg & Lindsey W.
The staging job that Laurence did was fantastic! We barely recognized the house when it was done. Laurence was bursting with energy and enthusiasm and remained positive, reassuring and confident throughout the whole process. We listed our home Tuesday morning and by Tuesday night it was sold!!! — Shelley M.
Laurence, did an amazing job of representing us and selling our home. She is a hard-working, dedicated, knowledgeable, highly professional, and passionate - Real Estate Agent! We highly recommend Laurence as an agent, home stager, and negotiator to anyone considering buying or selling a home. Jim & Judy N. — Jim N.
Laurence did a phenomenal job representing us both for the sale of our property and the purchase of our new home. She took the time to work closely with us to make sure she understood all of our needs and wants for both the sale and purchase. We were also very impressed with her detail-oriented focus, knowledge of the market, and the effort she put into making sure things went smoothly. Right from the start Laurence took the reins and we knew that we were in good hands. Thanks for everything Laurence! — Ron and Leslie Quinsay
We worked with Laurence when it was clearly a Sellers Market. Laurence was persistent and helped us find a home in an area unknown to us. Thanks to Laurence's expertise and proactive approach we were able to avoid a bidding war and we got a great home for our family. We enjoyed working with Laurence, every step of the way. — Andrea B & Stephen M
Nous avons fait affaire avec Laurence alors que le marché était nettement favorable aux vendeurs. Laurence a été persistante et nous a aidés à trouver un domicile à notre goût dans un secteur qui ne nous était pas familier. Grâce à l’expertise et l’approche proactive de Laurence, nous avons pu éviter une guerre d’enchères et devenir propriétaires d’une maison exceptionnelle pour notre famille. Ce fut un plaisir de faire affaire avec Laurence du début à la fin du processus. — Andrea B & Stephen M
When my wife and I bought our first home together, Laurence was instrumental in finding the right home of us. Laurence will take the time to listen to your needs, and understand your situation. She works tirelessly to comb though your desired area, finding gems that best suit YOU, your budget, needs, and wishes. She is very professional, organized, and well connected within the community, all of which is very much to the client's benefit. Above all, she is a really easy person to get along with and will make the often stressful and overwhelming process of home buying, painless and exciting! I highly recommend Laurence Mongeau for your real estate needs! — Alex & Teresa H
Nous recherchions un courtier immobilier afin d’acheter une maison en Ontario. Une amie nous a donc recommandé de contacter Laurence Mongeau. Très rapidement, il y a eu un premier contact par courriel et ensuite par Skype. Nous avons vite constaté que Laurence possédait les qualités professionnelles que nous recherchions. En effet, Laurence : - Offre un excellent service à la clientèle; - Apprend à connaître ses clients et repère vite leur besoin réel; - Est parfaitement bien organisée; - Met un point d’honneur à obtenir le meilleur rapport qualité/prix pour ses clients; - Assure une totale transparence et donc priorise la communication avec ses clients; - Maîtrise bien le français et la culture francophone; - Offre une très large disponibilité pour ses clients; - Possède un réseau de contacts professionnels (inspecteurs, collaborateurs courtiers, etc) très compétents dans leur domaine; - Est très à l’aise avec les nouvelles technologies. C’est donc pour toutes ces raisons qu’à notre tour, nous vous recommandons très chaudement d’utiliser les services de Laurence Mongeau. Nous sommes certains que vous bénéficierez d’un service de haute qualité! Merci beaucoup Laurence pour l’excellent service que nous avons reçu! — Hélène P & Sébastien T
Laurence Mongeau treated us like family, guiding us to make this, the biggest purchase of our lives, the smartest move we ever made. We happened to be buying our first home during this crazy real estate boom, where list prices were only starting points in major bidding wars, and the inventory of homes available within our budget was limited. But Laurence handled these challenges with grace and professionalism, and kept us feeling positive throughout our search. We always felt we had options, and whatever house, whenever we asked, she got us a private showing. She accompanied us through every visit, and went in ALL the basements (even the scary ones!). She asked the tough questions, and got us the answers we needed. She warned us about potential problems, sharing her experience and knowledge with us, while pointing out the positives of each property without pressure. She always made us feel important, and that our search for the perfect home was her top priority. In the end, it was a very happy outcome. We purchased the perfect home for us, and we owe it all to Laurence. She was the one who found us our dream first home and it was her experience and strategy that helped us "win" it! And we truly feel like we did win, because we had the best agent in the biz on our side. Thanks, Laurence, you're number 1! Karina and Andrew J — Karina

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